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Bad Teeth = Surgery Delay???

Posted on: March 3, 2010

I have three bad teeth in need of extraction.
I called my surgeon’s medial assistant and asked her if there were any limitations as far as antibiotics, etc to having my teeth removed this close to surgery. (I have mitral valve prolapse so take antibiotics prior to any dental appointments).

She informed me that there were no limitations as far as that was concerned but if I have any abscesses, my surgery will be delayed. They won’t do surgery if you have abscesses in your mouth. I don’t think I do but my gums are swollen so a dentist will have to look. She’s requiring me to go to a dentist before surgery (like TODAY she said) or my surgery will be postponed. They need to be sure there are no abscesses now that I brought up my concerns over bad teeth.

Grrrrr…. wish me luck! I can’t go today. For one, no dentist office will take me on no notice like that and two… I have no vehicle right now with hubby at work with my Explorer and his truck broke down. ugh.

Sure hope I didn’t go through a week of liquid diet for nothing. I’m sooooo bummed!


1 Response to "Bad Teeth = Surgery Delay???"

I’m hoping everything works out and your doctors don’t delay the surgery. (fingers crossed for you).

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